Chronicles of the Twenty-One Butterflies: Butterfly Island

Butterfly Island cover

Chris Seabranch's series Chronicles of the Twenty-One Butterflies is off to a great start with this book. The Twenty-One Butterflies are a group of female pirates who have escaped an often brutal life to survive on their own with their pirate sisters. One of my favorite passages in the story is … [Continue reading]

Doodle Quest is Fun!

Visual perception, eye and hand coordination and memory skills are just a few of the skills which is tapped into while playing this game. I like that the game can be played as a group or alone. Testing your memory and spatial skills against the slides is fun, and since I'm the worse player -- an … [Continue reading]

The Watchers: Knight of Light

The Watchers is an exciting new series written by Deidra Eden. The first book - Knight of Light - is a great lead-in for the rest of the six book … [Continue reading]

The Story of the Rainbow Egg

The story of The Rainbow Egg is a children's book that explains the adoption process. The author did a great job of explaining that the mother … [Continue reading]

Murder Freshly Baked – BookLook Bloggers Review

Vannetta Chapman is the author of Murder Simply Brewed and Murder Tightly Knit and now this gem, Murder Freshly Baked. Hannah, a young and capable … [Continue reading]

Super Genius: Great Learning Card Games for Kids

Super Genius Series by BlueOrange

I received the Super Genius collection so my review is an overview of the entire collection. There were three reading levels as well as addition and … [Continue reading]

The Case of the Sin City Sister

I love, love, love The Case of the Sin City Sister by Lynne Hinton. I wasn't sure what I was getting into when I agreed to review this book for … [Continue reading]

Prison … That’s What it Felt Like


I really, really tried to like Prison.  I don't enjoy writing bad reviews, and if I wasn't a BookLook Blogger, I would have skipped doing one all … [Continue reading]

Mia Quinn Returns in “A Lethal Beauty”

A Lethal Beauty is the third installment of Lis Wiehl's Mia Quinn series. To recap, Mia is a suddenly single mom whose husband died in a car crash. In … [Continue reading]

Review: Palace of Darkness – A Novel of Petra

Palace of Darkness by Tracy Higley lives up to all of her previous novels. I received this book a few days before my mother ended her earthly journey, … [Continue reading]

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